Welcome to Fostering Kindness !

Providing comfort and joy to children in Central Florida’s foster care system.

With the generosity of individual and corporate donors, we enhance the lives of children in foster care.

What started as a simple idea to give Christmas gifts to a few local teens in foster care has become a multi-county, non-profit organization.

As of 1/26/21, Fostering Kindness became a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization registered with the state of Florida.

Our mission is to provide meaningful gifts and essential items to teens and children in foster care.

Fostering Kindness guarantees the following guidelines for gifting:
Only new items are given.
Gifts will be age appropriate to the best of our knowledge.
Fostering Kindness does not distribute any religiously themed/affiliated items.
Fostering Kindness provides gifts for children of all races, gender identities, and sexual orientations. Kindness matters, and our differences are celebrated!
We do not advertise to the children that their gifts come from a charitable organization: no business cards or Fostering Kindness information will appear in any gifts.


Contact us to find out if we can help in your area! Special accommodations will be made for children out of our service area whenever possible.

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